Matt and I love to travel and see the world.  We have both been on many trips together and also individually.  While we enjoy lounging on the beach and reading a book, we also make a point to incorporate cardio exercise and activity into our vacations. Just because we are away on vacation, that doesn’t mean our hearts needs a vacation – and now we’ve come full circle and become our parents who more or less instilled a “boot camp” environment whenever we went away. When we travel we always look to see if there is a national park or hiking trail nearby. Another tip is when on a business trip or conference, ask the hotel if they have a handout on a running path .. you know, just in case the lectures aren’t as stimulating as expected – I have done this several times! Here are some pics of the fun ways we got our workout session in.

Snorkeling in Moorea: We went to French Polynesia for our honeymoon. We highly recommend this vacation spot!


Kayaking in Bora Bora: Our hotel had free kayaking all day, so we decided to parlay that into a daily race activity – Matt’s the reigning undefeated champion – look at those arms!  IMG_5091

Paddle Boarding in Bora Bora: Matt is not pictured because he fell off of his board as soon as he stepped on – sweet revenge!


Rowing a Boat Upstate NY: We stayed at an amazing lakehouse for my bachelorette party. As you can imagine there was a lot of eating and drinking going on.  A great way to torch those calories was by taking the boat out.


Dancing in the Bahamas: We are not club goers but we actually went to the night club and danced for several hours. Great way to burn calories!


Hiking Camelback Mountain in Arizona: I was training for Tough Mudder at the time, so in the morning I would run up and down the mountain. Much more fun than the treadmill!


Hiking Joshua Tree National Park in California: This was a day trip excursion we took when I had a nursing conference in Anaheim. This was Matt’s surprise 29th birthday present!

mucho rocks

Hiking Acadia National Park in Maine: We were staying in Boothbay Harbor and took a 3 hour drive to go Acadia for the day. We would recommend staying here for a full week – this park is loaded with all sorts of heart pumping activities and jaw-dropping heights and sights!


Hiking Petra in Jordan: I was on a trip to Israel and while staying in Eilat, my friend and I arranged a trip to see this ancient Wonder of the World. Only 6 more to go…


Hiking Palo Dura Canyon in Texas: We stopped here on a road trip we took from California to NY. It is considered the “Grand Canyon of Texas” – of course big-minded Texans need their own Grand Canyon 🙂


Hiking Petrified Forset National Park in Arizona: I guess Matt did not see the sign which read, “Please do not surf the 2 million year old pieces of petrified wood.”

surfing cali style

Surfing at Manuel Antonio Beach in Costa Rica: The trip was packed with activities until we hit this relaxation-inducing beach. So we decided to take surfing lessons … surf’s up!




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