Having fun with Water



I think most of us know that drinking water is mucho importante`. Although I find a glass of ice water refreshing, it also can get boring.  There are so many ways to make water more exciting and dress it up – you know, with a little extra panache and color!  Friends and family that have been to my house for a meal know that I seldom put a pitcher of plain water on the table. This blog post features some of my favorite water additions which not only add some fun flavor and color, they also bring some extra nutrients and vitality.

Water + Lemon + Thyme: Thyme has a minty and lemony flavor and pairs perfectly with freshly sliced lemon. Fresh thyme is also quite replete with Vitamins A & B6, Zinc, Folate & Manganese. For the full skinny on thyme, click here.

Water + Cucumber + Orange: This combo has been a huge hit in the TeamZ house.  Cucumber is loaded with Vitamin K, which is necessary for proper blood coagulation and essential for proper metabolic activity of bone growth and strength maintenance. And apropos of the charity for which we are running the triathlon, Vitamin K may play a role in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease by limiting damage to vital neuronal processes. Click here for more nutrition facts on Cucumber!

Seltzer + Blueberry + Mint: There’s nothing wrong with water having some bubbles, right? This mix is perfect for a picnic outside, as the mint adds some freshness, while the blueberries add a delightful mix of sweet and tartness. Blueberries are loaded with beta carotene antioxidants, which if you may or may not know, help rid the body of harmful free-radicals that can stick around in the body to cause inflammation, degenerative body changes, and even cancers.


Spring is in the air and we are spending more time outside in the sun and working out.  It is important to make sure to stay hydrated with plenty of cold water – especially with adding some of the above ingredients because they can certainly help aid any and all activities in which you’re partaking!

How do you like to dress up your water?

xoxo Team Z.


6 thoughts on “Having fun with Water

    • any type of berries would taste delicious in seltzer water. I def had fun taking the pictures- especially the blueberries which were fizzing around in the seltzer water.

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