Apple Stuffed Acorn Squash

I was watching Giada De Laurentiis on the Food Network (completely addicted) and she was making this gorgeous looking apple and cheese golden crusted pie.  I wanted a bite so badly so I decided to make my own healthy version of the brilliant apple + cheddar combo.  I think I would be much skinnier if I did not watch this channel…or Giada. How does she stay so skinny by the way?!


– 1 Acorn Squash

– 1 Granny Smith Apple cored and thinly sliced ( I did not peel but I recommend peeling)

– 1/2 cup coarsely grated cheddar cheese

– 1 tbsp sesame seeds

– 1 tbsp coconut oil

– 1 tbsp olive oil

– 1 tsp agave nectar

– 1 oz dried cranberries

– pinch of cinnamon

– pinch of nutmeg

– salt & pepper


Step 1: Preheat oven to 425.  Cut acorn squash in half and use a fork to scoop out the seeds and stringy stuff in the center of each half. Coat the inside of each half with olive oil and sprinkle with salt & pepper. Place on a baking pan – cut side down – and bake for 25 minutes or until golden brown.

Now lets get to working on making the filling deliciousness!

Step 2: Heat the sesame seeds on a dry pan over medium heat – shake the pan intermittently. Once seeds start to darken remove from heat and set aside.

Step 3: Melt the coconut oil over a low flame in your pan.  Coconut oil has many health benefits including improving your digestive system, immune system, blood sugar control and much more. So get excited to infuse your dish with this super power ingredient!

Step 4: Increase flame to medium heat and toss in apples, dried cranberries, cinnamon, nutmeg, and agave nectar. Mix until apples are nice and soft (Approx. 8 minutes).

Step 5: Your acorn squash should be finishing up just about now.  Remove from oven and place on plate.  Scoop apple filling into center of each half of squash.  Add the cheddar cheese, which will melt just from the heat of the squash and apples!  Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Now take your fork and dig in!

Xoxo getting our fall on


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