We Are Not Bunny Rabbits: Running Tips

As you may have guessed by looking at the pics on our blog- one of our favorite non-food hobbies is running.


We like to go out and run together but the truth is we end up doing our own thing- Matt runs at a faster pace, and when I run with him my competitive side tries to keep up causing me to tire out sooner.

I started running in 2011 by joining NYRR and participating in the races.  I love the energy of a race- even it is only a 5k. Also time seems to fly when you are in a race rather than running on a treadmill. I started at literally 0 and with practice and dedication built myself up to doing the 2012 NYC Half Marathon.   I would love to do a marathon but I have hip injuries and don’t think it is a good idea to put the stress on my bad hips.  So instead I am doing a triathlon ahhh (hence the title of our blog Tri-ing).  We will eventually blog more about why we are doing the triathlon this year.

I went to the Tri-mania event in NYC where I picked up a couple of tips on how to improve my running.

Thought I would share

1. Focus on your cadence- this is how often your feet touch the ground.

slow cadence= longer time in the air and harder land on the ground= not nice to your joints!

faster cadence= lest time in the air and softer land = happier joints

Goal: 90 steps/minute (180 steps/minute if counting both feet)

2. Do not over stride- this means landing each step with the heel out in front of you. Instead your foot should land directly underneath you.

3.  Set the treadmill incline to 1 percent- this more closely mimics running outdoors.

4. Strengthen your butt!

5. Take out your ear phones and listen to your run- your feet should not be pounding the ground.

6. We are not bunny rabbits- we should not bounce up and down with our hair flailing in the air- fast cadence and no over stride is key.

7. Change out those sneaks every 6 mths.

8. Strengthen your core- plank it!

9. Video your run and play it back slowly so you can see how you run and pinpoint areas where improvement is needed.

10. Breathe- sounds simple but I actually forget to do this sometimes.  In through the nose and out through the mouth.

11. *** Have Fun****

xoxo not a bunny rabbit


6 thoughts on “We Are Not Bunny Rabbits: Running Tips

  1. Loved the tips. I have never thought of videotaping myself. I am the content curator at FitFramed; I know we published your hill workout post. I think you should submit this post to our site, too.

    • hi Kate! Thanks so much for the feedback- it is good to hear that people are enjoying my posts. I will for sure submit that photo. I also just posted a travel page and may submit a photo from it.

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